Security Cameras & CCTV Surveillance Installers in Omaha, NE

Here at Silverhammer Surveillance Security, we are committed to helping our Omaha, NE customers design customized security solutions to fit every need.

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Protect your business’ assets, employees, and profits

Small business owners need peace of mind that their investments and people are safe. Our team can help no matter the size or budget.

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We have been a client of Silverhammer Surveillance for many years. We value George's knowlege and expertise in the security camera industry.

Amy - The Alliance Group

George's strongest characteristics in that capacity were his dedication to excellence and commitment in doing his job to the highest standards.

Dwight A.

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3-year warranty


20+ years of experience


Happy Customers


10% discount for military

Smart, Safer Solutions

We know that Omaha, NE residents need protection, and our team offers a wide range of all in one solutions for any property of any size. No matter what kind of system you need, we can deliver a custom created solution.

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Video surveillance provides real time monitoring and the ability to review captured video.



Our alarm systems provide peace of mind and fast response times for responders when a break in occurs.


Smart Locks

Engage or disengage locks from anywhere via our smart app, giving you power over your doorways.

Smart Locks

Remote Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that you have eyes on your property anytime, no matter where you are.

Remote Monitoring

Smart Sound

Want to control your audio system without moving? Our smart sound solutions make it easy to do.

Smart Sound

Smart Lighting

Our lighting solutions fit any need and give you total control over your property’s lighting systems.

Smart Lighting

Alibi Security – The Go To Options For Wired Security Cameras

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Why Choose Us

Knowledge Base

With over 20 years of experience, our team has developed a knowledge base that can solve any security problem. Call now or visit our YouTube Channel to learn how Silverhammer can satisfy all your security needs.

3-year warranty

Our team offers a 3-year warranty on equipment and a one year guarantee on our workmanship. In other words, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best in the business.

Custom Solutions

We build a one on one relationship with you. From there, we create a customized solution that works for your exact needs.

Locally Owned

We are locally owned and operated. Our family focus means that we value our customers as if they were part of our own family – which they are.

No Service contracts

We proudly have no service contracts or monthly fee. We install the system, but once it’s installed you own the equipment.

Professional Support

We offer ongoing professional support for anything. We’re there for you if something happens, and will liaison with law enforcement if needed.

Our Process

  • Speak with a security expert
  • Test Products
  • Installation
  • Ongoing Support

After the call

Everything begins with a phone call from you. You’ll speak to one of our security experts, and after the call our experts will visit you at your location or you can come by the showroom. We’ll review your needs to design the system that works best for you and your property.


Feel free to stop by our showroom. Here, you can test the products that we offer and get a clear idea of which ones you think best fit your needs. We’ll show you what they can do and help you design exactly the security or automation system that fits your budget, your property, and your goals the best.


On on one support services

Once we have a plan as to what you want, we’ll show up and handle the entire installation process. You don’t have to do a thing – our technicians will take care of everything. Once installed, we’ll fully train you on how to use the hardware and software and we’ll continue providing one on one support after we leave.


3-year parts warranty

1-year workmanship guarantee

We don’t leave you to fend for yourself after we’re done. We are always here and ready to provide ongoing support and maintenance from our experienced security experts. And our 3-year parts warranty and 1 year workmanship guarantee helps give you additional peace of mind that your property is totally protected.

When you’re ready to protect your Omaha, NE property, SilverHammer Surveillance is here and ready to help. Contact us today to see the solutions we can provide.

10% discount for military and first responders



Case Study

We had a customer come into our showroom that had recently fell victim to a burglary at her home. She was referred to us by another customer who told her about our background in security. Because of the nature of the crime, she came in very distraught and looking for solutions to give her peace of mind. She was self admittedly “tech illiterate” and needed some guidance as to what she should purchase to help her situation.

We demonstrated several products at our showroom. Not only surveillance equipment to monitor her home while she was away, but also products like smart locks and smart lights. After we were able to demonstrate how easy the products were to use, she selected what she thought best suited her needs. We then ordered her the items and scheduled the install.

After installing her items and training her on how to use them, she was relieved as to how easy it really was to operate the equipment. She then taught her young daughter how to use the equipment which gave her even more peace of mind. We received a call from her a few days after the install thanking us for providing her with solutions that fit her needs. She told us that she felt much better about securing her home and her family, which she said was priceless.